Sushi Royal House Japanese Restaurant (Re-visit)


Had some food at Sushi Royal House Japanese Restaurant a few weeks ago, ordering their Chicken Karaage (C$4.95) and Spicy Pork Plate (C$10.95).

The service was minimal once you’ve ordered and they’ve brought you a cup of tea, but that was fine since I didn’t care much for small talk anyway. 😛 In this particular restaurant, they have a flatscreen which normally showed Korean pop music videos playing in a loop, but I didn’t care for that either so I simply played with my phone as I waited for the food.

The Spicy Pork Plate came with rice and Miso soup, and those two items were brought over promptly.


The pork plate was brought over some time after I’d finished the soup. As expected, it was really spicy – a typical Korean-style dish.



This was the third Korean dish I’d tried at Sushi Royal House, and once again, I liked it. I’d previously had their Bulgogi Plate and Teppan BBQ Kalbi Plate during prior visits. The only mistake I made was ordering the chicken karaage again, as I’d had it before. I should have tried something new, but oh well.

And because they needed time to prepare the karaage, it was the final item brought out. Speaking of the karaage, one thing to say about Sushi Royal House is their inconsistency.


For instance, sometimes when I picked up food from this establishment for M., the karaage would come with the sweet chili sauce. Other times, there wouldn’t be any sauce at all. Then, other times when I picked up gyoza and sashimi for M., I always requested soy sauce, wasabi, and ginger, and would be told each time that those items came with the order. Yet, as M. would tell me, maybe five times out of eight they didn’t have soy sauce or wasabi or ginger or a combination of them!

Anyway, this particular meal with the spicy pork plate and chicken karaage was satisfactory. Including tax and tips, it came to about 20 bucks.

What: Spicy Pork Plate; Chicken Karaage
Where: Sushi Royal House Japanese Restaurant, 2893 Grandview Hwy, Vancouver, BC, V5M 2E1
How Much: C$10.95; C$4.95


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