Spicy Perogy Burger (Boston Pizza)

On a recent Sunday night, I was at the Grandview Highway location of Boston Pizza for a little food.


I went with their Spicy Perogy Burger because I had a craving for a burger and hadn’t tried this one yet. Alas, they didn’t have Mountain Dew (even though they carried Pepsi products), so I simply went with water as my beverage. Oh, as for the sides, I opted for a garden salad instead of fries. Wasn’t in the mood for fries…and besides, the burger would have their Cactus Cut Potatoes inside, so I figured that was enough fried potatoes for me.


The burger was advertised to be spicy because of the Cactus Cut Potatoes, and certainly, when I took a bite of the burger with those thin slices of fried potato, I did feel a little kick. I think that was probably the only highlight of the burger, though. Otherwise, it was what you would expect out of a burger. There was also the standard beef patty with garlic mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, cheddar, and green onions. Overall, it was a delicious enough burger.

On this night, there was Sunday Night Baseball (Rangers-Yankees), the NHL playoffs (Rangers-Lightning), and the NBA playoffs (Cavaliers-Hawks) being played, and all three were shown on the screens in front of me. It was one of those rare nights with that intriguing matchups going on. So, Boston Pizza is good for that with their flatscreens. It actually wasn’t busy that night an I think I got my food in a timely fashion. I wouldn’t say the service “wowed” me or anything – it was nothing special. I barely noticed it.

Would I return specifically for that burger? Not really. But I guess I would return to that location in the future to try other items.


When: Sunday, May 24, 2015
What: Spicy Perogy Burger
Where: Grandview Boston Pizza, 2850 Bentall Street, Vancouver, BC (one block east of Rupert SkyTrain Station)
How Much: C$14.49


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