Tim Hortons Creamy Chocolate Chill


Tim Hortons Creamy Chocolate Chill – C$2.59

Tim Hortons recently introduced this “new” Creamy Chocolate Chill and once again, there’s a lot of hyperbole when a new product is launched.

One website has already suggested that this item’s “one-of-a-kind creamy chocolaty taste is expected to be a game changer for the [Tim Hortons] brand.”  And apparently the company’s President and COO believes this Creamy Chocolate Chill “is really going to shake up the frozen treat market” and it “gives our guests one more great reason to visit Tim Hortons on a hot summer day.”

It’s a lot of hyperbole, yes. And it’s all just hype. The one I had was very chocolatey, yes, but I thought it was too sweet. Yes, on a hot summer day, this drink will be handy, as it’s cold and refreshing. I can’t disagree with that. But I didn’t find it that special… sure, it had this smooth chocolate taste…but it was kind of like a chocolate milkshake. Another way to think about this drink is to imagine having chocolate milk and then adding a heavy doze of chocolate syrup on top of it. Either way, it was like a milkshake so I’ll just refer to it as such. So, Tim Hortons thinks a chocolate milkshake-like beverage is going to shake up the frozen treat market? Oh, okay, if they insist…


I got a small, which is 380 mL and costs C$2.59 plus tax. Refreshing? Yes, indeed. A special drink? Uhm…no. A game-changer? Don’t think so. It’ll cause a major shakeup in the frozen treat market? I guess perhaps it’ll be popular with the young crowd that likes sweet stuff, and if they like it and Tweet about it and stuff like that, I suppose it’ll be the next “hot” thing. But I honestly didn’t find it that amazing. It was delicious but I’m definitely not going to go get it regularly. It might be the first and last time I’ll get it this summer.

Oh, by the way, the guy who made this “milkshake” wasn’t very attentive. He prepared it, and put it at the counter where I was waiting, and then promptly turned his back to continue chatting with his co-worker. This was a food court location and they keep their straws on their side of the counter, so I had to just wait there and see how long it would take for him to pay attention and realize he didn’t give me a straw. (I didn’t say “Excuse me!” or do anything to alert him because I wanted to see how much time he took, on his own, to realize I was still standing there. That’s the proper way to evaluate customer service, in my opinion… They’re supposed to figure out their mistakes on their own.)


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