Bangkok Kitchen (Langley)

Had a quick lunch at Bangkok Kitchen recently when I was out in Langley.


Bangkok Kitchen is located near 88 Avenue and 202 Street in the Walnut Grove area, with other food places such as Domino’s on that same strip.

It was around 12:50 p.m. when I was there, and I was surprised that, being lunch hour (on a Tuesday, a regular work day), there were only two other tables being occupied. I suppose that was due to the number of choices in the area.

Before I sat down, I asked the owner dude (perhaps?) if they accepted plastic – just in case – and he said they did. And so, he brought me over a menu, along with a glass of water, and mentioned that their lunch specials were on the back of the menu.

That was where I went, and according to the lunch specials, they were available from the time they opened (11:30 a.m.) until 3:00 p.m. All of the lunch specials dishes came with a spring roll and green salad. After going through some of the choices, I ordered their Green Curry with Rice. You could have either beef or chicken, and I picked beef, which would be served in green curry paste, coconut milk, eggplant, bamboo shoots, and Thai sweet basil.

As for the ambiance, it seemed like a very nice and relaxing place to have lunch. I mean, there were only two other tables at the time I was there, so it was relatively quiet. There was some slow music being played in the background, at a low volume, and I presumed it was Thai music.

Soon enough, this lady brought my food over.


Green Curry with Rice (Beef) – C$8.75


It was pretty good; the curry/coconut milk was tasty. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact there was very little beef. I rarely eat Thai food so I don’t know if that’s the norm. But I was trying to fish for more beef in the milk and found very few pieces. Maybe that’s how it is with Thai food but I don’t know. Not a fan of that.

I guess I was really surprised there weren’t more people. Toward the end of my meal, there was one new customer that came in, so that was only four tables (including mine) during the time I was there. Oh well. I should say, though, the guy and the lady were friendly. It said on the outside of the establishment that they served “authentic Thai cuisine,” so I presume they’re both Thai. As mentioned earlier, I don’t eat Thai food regularly, so I wouldn’t know the difference between authentic and not. It was good enough for me.

When: Tuesday, May 12, 2015
What: Green Curry with Rice (Beef)
Where: Bangkok Kitchen, 110 – 20330  88 Avenue, Langley, BC
How Much: C$8.75 plus tax and tips


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