Taco Luis (Richmond)


The Taco Luis location at the Richmond Lansdowne Mall food court was where I grabbed a quick bite several weeks back on a Monday afternoon.

They offer several different combos and I went with Super 5, which was Mexican Rice plus a small soda for C$6.15 (or C$6.45 after taxes). You had a choice of either beef or chicken, and I picked Beef with all of the available toppings.


It wasn’t bad, considering it was essentially a full meal for under seven bucks. I thought I was given a very generous portion of beef too, so that was awesome.

Now, according to some online reviewers, sometimes the owner could be seen at either this location or the other one in Vancouver. On this day, however, I didn’t see “Luis” here in Richmond – there was only Chinese-speaking staff working on this late Monday afternoon. I suppose it would have been interesting to see the owner and speak with him, but oh well.


Unfortunately for me, I was eating in a warm room and trying to eat too quickly, and so I choked on something and kept coughing.

Ahhhh… one important thing (for me anyway) was that Taco Luis offered Mountain Dew as one of their soft drink options. Can’t have a complete meal without the Dew!


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