McDonald’s Sweet Chili Signature McWrap

Had a Sweet Chili Signature McWrap with Crispy Chicken from McDonald’s back in April.


Basically, this particular wrap consisted of crispy chicken strips, cucumber, lettuce, Thai sauce, and McChicken sauce served in a tortilla.


The chicken strips were crispy as advertised, and overall it was a good wrap. But there was a flaw with how McDonald’s designed the packaging.


As the picture suggests, you’re supposed to tear the strip around the middle of the packaging, toss the top part away, and then eat. However, the bottom part of the packaging was smaller… and so if you removed the top part, the wrap essentially would fall apart! And that was exactly what happened with me. The top part of the wrap was very fragile and just fell apart, creating a mess!

So, bottom line, decent sauce, crispy chicken, enough veggies… but poorly-designed packaging.


As for the cost, I got the combo and it came to C$8.30 (C$7.89 plus tax). Man, I thought fast food was supposed to be cheaper than this! Because of the price and also the fact the tortilla just fell apart very easily, I would say I wouldn’t be inclined to order McDonald’s wraps again anytime soon.

* * * * *

Here was another McWrap, this time being the Chicken & Bacon Signature McWrap. This one was “better behaved,” if you will, as it didn’t fall apart at all. I guess it was that other one I had before which had the issue. It’s hit-and-miss, I suppose.


This wrap was again crispy with the chicken. It also contained a strip of hickory-smoked bacon and lettuce, tomato, Monterey Jack cheese, and mayonnaise sauce. With this one, I was mainly impressed with the fact the wrap didn’t fall apart and the chicken was crispy. Everything else was secondary. Same as the above, this wrap combo cost C$8.30 including tax.

* * * * *


Finally, here’s the Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry ice cream that was available for a limited time in Canada around Easter earlier in April. It was C$3.14 with tax, and no longer available as of right now.

What I remember about this ice cream was the lid being very inconvenient. The way it was shaped made it hard to scoop the ice cream out, and created a mess on my hands. Not good. I ended up tossing the lid. It was at least refreshing on a warm afternoon.



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