TacoTime Super Beef Burrito


Had a regular Super Beef Burrito, with a small Mountain Dew, at the TacoTime location at the Metrotown Mall food court a few weeks back. The burrito was seasoned ground beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato, and sour cream all rolled into a tortilla.


I found the tortilla to be rather fragile, as it kind of fell apart as I was eating the burrito. And though TacoTime advertises it as “super filling” on its website, I didn’t find it to be the case, not with the regular size. I’m normally a light eater, and even I found that this burrito was just a snack and not sufficient as a meal by itself. I guess I should have gone with the large size. The difference in price was three bucks: C$5.19 plus tax for the regular and C$8.19 for the large.*

TacoTime was also advertising their Fish Taco for the month of April, for under C$4.00. After finishing the burrito, I thought about getting one of those to try, since I wasn’t full. Alas, I noticed suddenly there was a long lineup, and changed my mind.

One other comment: The cashier lady was friendly, but I was surprised she didn’t try to upsell a combo. I didn’t pay much attention to the menu when I ordered – since there was no lineup when I stood there and I just ordered right away – but when I was waiting for my food, I noticed the different combos listed on the menu. I probably should have gotten a combo, which came with Mexi-Fries, for a couple bucks more. But oh well, the cashier didn’t suggest the combo and I didn’t think about it until I saw it on the menu. The regular burrito, unfortunately, just wasn’t enough if you were hungry. Hmm…I’m sure I’d written this a few days ago, but man, fast food isn’t cheap anymore!

*The total for me came to C$7.45 with taxes, as the small pop was C$1.89.


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