Triple O’s


On one Triple “O” Tuesday back in April, I was at the Triple O’s in East Vancouver for an Original Burger and The New Smokehouse Poutine. Because it was a Tuesday, their Original Burger was “only” C$3.69 plus tax. (I’m pretty sure it was C$3.33 just a year ago… I guess prices always go up sooner or later!) The specialty poutine was C$5.99 by itself… and when I added a drink (Fanta), it became a combo and the total was C$10.70 including taxes.

This Triple O’s location was part of a Chevron gas station operations, and unfortunately, the only thing the flatscreen was showing was the winning numbers for the Keno lottery draws. No playoff hockey game here. Nonetheless, I decided to eat there, and I sat at a nice comfortable booth at the front of the store. (It would’ve been nice to see the hometown Canucks lose to the Calgary Flames in their playoff game on this night…but I’d rather not pay extra to go to Boston Pizza across the street for that.)

I grabbed a bunch of napkins, and they turned out to be necessary, as it could be a messy meal! The poutine, made with thick-cut kennebec fries, cheese curds, smoked cheddar, hickory smoked bacon bits, frizzled onions, gravy, and chipotle drizzle, was yummy. The onions were crispy, and the gravy was just awesome. But, like I said, it could be a messy meal, and it was. I ended up using all of the napkins I had gotten.


The Original Burger, of course, was Triple O’s signature burger, with Canadian beef patty and their Triple “O” sauce, lettuce, tomato, and pickle. Yup, the sauce got all over my hands and I made a big mess for sure. Even though it was a simple burger, it was still pretty good. I mean, you can’t beat a C$3.69 burger, after all. For me, the poutine was so filling that I almost couldn’t finish the burger. I guess for a meal that cost less than 11 bucks, I was very satisfied. I know it’s not healthy, but once in a while wasn’t too bad.


I know that people from Quebec will say these poutines aren’t the same as the “real” ones back east, but I still enjoy Triple O’s specialty poutines such as the Smokehouse one. Too bad it’s available only for a limited time.



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