Baked BBQ Chicken Wings (Freshslice Pizza)

Got some takeout Baked BBQ Chicken Wings from Freshslice Pizza (Grandview Hwy/Renfrew location) for the gang. It’s C$8.99 plus tax per pound of wings. They also come in plain or hot flavours.


(Picture taken only after all of the wings were split amongst the group)

Since A.L. can’t eat spicy foods, I didn’t pick up any hot ones. BBQ seemed to be the safest choice for everybody. M., who’s always a picky eater, thought these BBQ wings were pretty good. Yay, finally a winner as far as she’s concerned! 🙂

The BBQ sauce was yummy. If you’re a rice eater, you might enjoy putting some rice onto the sauce and eat the chicken that way.

Hmm – one thing I noticed was that we weren’t given any dipping sauce. When I had wings from one of the New Westminster locations, I was given creamy ranch sauce.


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