UBC Thunderbird Arena Concessions

The Pacific Regional Championships between the BC and Alberta midget hockey teams took place at UBC Thunderbird Arena during Easter long weekend, and I was there as a spectator.

The main concession stand was open, and as expected, the food prices were similar to those found in other sporting venues. I got an All Natural Angus Beef Burger, which cost C$7.00 including tax. I didn’t get the combo (ie. fries + drink), though, because that was C$13.00 with tax! I had my own water container so I was fine there, and I didn’t need any fries. As for other items, chocolate bars were C$2.00 apiece and hot dogs were C$6.00. Yikes. But again, no surprise, as those are typical ballpark food prices for ya.


It was a pretty ordinary burger – nothing to write home about. I’ve had better Angus beef burgers at McDonald’s! Again it is what it is, “ballpark food.” I had this during the first game of the series and then opted to not get anything during the second game the following day. (The Alberta team won both games, winning the series in a sweep.)


Honestly, if you are at UBC anyway, it’s definitely better to check out other options at the University MarketPlace (aka the University Village). Triple O’s, located near the business building, is also a better choice. There’s even a Save-On-Foods close to the arena too. You can eat first before getting to the game, so that way you can avoid getting food at the arena concessions during intermissions. Of course, some of those places aren’t open during holiday weekends (as this hockey tournament took place during Easter), so you might have to be aware of that.

When: Friday, April 3, 2015
What: All Natural Angus Beef Burger
Where: UBC Thunderbird Arena concessions, 6066 Thunderbird Boulevard, Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z3
How Much: C$7.00 including tax


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