Boomers Bar & Grill (Re-Visit)


Was at Planet Ice in Coquitlam to talk to the Vancouver NE Chiefs hockey team back in late March right after they’d won the league championship. During this visit, I also stopped by Boomers Bar & Grill upstairs for some food.

On this particular Wednesday evening, the daily food specials were pulled pork sandwiches for C$8.00 and Sriracha steak for C$10.00. And one good thing at Boomers is you can see a sign prominently displaying the specials just as you’re about to walk in (unlike some establishments where you have no idea what their specials are). I went with the Sriracha Steak, which came with either fries or salad; I opted for the fries, having had salad before during my first visit back in October.


Both the fries and the steak were good. The Sriracha sauces left this lingering spicy taste in your mouth for a bit. The fries were typical of pub fries that you get anywhere, so it was fine. The service was not bad; the server checked in with me a couple of times and was friendly. Overall, I was satisfied with the meal.

Now, Boomers is on the second level of Planet Ice, which is located in an industrial area on Rocket Way in Coquitlam. If you’re not there for your kids’ skating or hockey lessons or playing in a men’s hockey league, etc., you’re not going to be in that area and won’t be checking Boomers out. I doubt that people would drive there just to dine at Boomers, but I could be wrong. It’s just a bit out of the way if you’re not in the area for hockey or skating. Kids are allowed in the establishment until 10 p.m. every day. I suppose it’s a good place to hang out for the whole team after a game or for the parents of the kids to have a group get-together, and even for families as well.


Oh, one more thing… There are multiple flatscreens at Boomers for sports, and on this evening it was Wednesday Night Hockey on Sportsnet and the Colorado-Edmonton game was on. (But there are also several flatscreens downstairs as well if you’d rather watch for free.) If you’d rather watch your kids play instead, Boomers overlooks a couple of the hockey rinks below, Rinks # 3 and 4.



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