White Chocolate + Strawberry Frappini (Take Five Café)


I had a Cookies & Cream Frappini from Take Five Café recently and decided to try their other flavour, the White Chocolate + Strawberry Frappini. I wasn’t asked what size I wanted – so I assume it only comes in medium (16 oz. cup) – but I was asked if I wanted whipping cream, which was a definite yes. It was a bit pricey at C$5.20 including tax, and this frappini, as expected, tasted just like strawberry. “White chocolate,” of course, does not taste like chocolate but is more like very sweet vanilla – a very rich flavour. Overall, the whole frappini, as mentioned, tasted basically like strawberry.

I’m not a big fan of it – luckily, it only came in this medium size (I assume). But once again, a bit expensive in my opinion. I just think of it as an overhyped, expensive cup of strawberry mix. If you’re a fan of strawberry, I guess you would like it.


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