Nesters Market – Chicken with Potato Wedges (SFU Burnaby; Re-visit)


During a visit to SFU Burnaby for an errand several weeks back, I stopped by the Nesters Market on campus for a little snack to go.

I got the Chicken with Mojos – your choice of either a chicken leg or chicken breast with a bunch of wedge fries. It was C$3.99 for one piece with the mojos, and C$5.99 for two pieces with the mojos. I wanted a chicken leg but they ran out, so I was stuck with a chicken breast. Add a King Can of Mountain Dew for only 99 cents, also from Nesters Market, and you have yourself a quick little snack!


There are seating areas right inside Nesters, but since I was in a rush, I took my food with me to go. With the potato wedges, well, the first few bites are always very fulfilling, but as it happens without fail every single time, the more bites you have, the less you want to continue. That was the case again this time. As for the chicken, the skin was very juicy, but the meat was really dry. Hard to eat with it being so dry, unless you eat it with a sandwich or add your own gravy sauce or something.

But again, for the low price, I treated it simply as a quick snack to go and whether or not I really enjoyed it wasn’t THAT important. Besides, I don’t buy this item that often…it’d been at least six months since I’d bought the chicken/wedges combo at Nesters.  All in all, though, I’d still say it’s a good deal for those who want to grab a quick bite before classes, midterms, exams, etc.


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