Montana’s Cookhouse (Langley)


On a Sunday afternoon back in early February, I was in Langley to catch a hockey game. Prior to the game, I stopped by Montana’s Cookhouse for a “pre-game” snack. (I was going to stop by Waka Sushi, but they were closed till later in the afternoon. Oh well, you snooze, you lose.)

I wasn’t in the mood for a burger but something smaller, like a poutine or appetizer. When I saw that Montana’s had poutine, I decided to have that. However, there were a few different varieties. I opted for their Short Rib Poutine, which, according to the menu, came with beef gravy, pulled pork beef short ribs, among other awesome toppings.


And oh, I also got a Lemonade (but only because they didn’t have Mountain Dew). I guess you can say Montana’s is super hip with the glass of lemonade served in a jar.


And sports on their flatscreens. On this afternoon, the Clippers-Thunder NBA game was on (and Los Angeles was getting killed by 30+ points in the fourth quarter).


Soon enough, the poutine was here, and it was time to enjoy!


Delicious as expected! The beef was very tender and the beef gravy was excellent. The service was awesome too, unlike the pretentious service that I get in other establishments. I felt that the Montana’s staff treated me with great respect.


Well, I guess it’s a family-friendly restaurant, with the crayons in a plastic cup for kids to use.


…and also trivia cards as well.


While the crayons weren’t of use to me during this visit – I didn’t have paper on me, hahahaa – the trivia cards did help me to kill some time. Anyway, the service was excellent, the poutine was great, and everything during this visit was awesome all around.

When: Sunday, February 8, 2015
What: Short Rib Poutine; Lemonade
Where: Montana’s Cookhouse, 20090 91A Avenue, Langley, BC, V1M 3Y9
How Much: C$8.99; C$2.99
Final Thoughts: The only thing missing was Mountain Dew, but otherwise it’s an A+.



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