Offside Café (Langley Sportsplex)

Offside Café, a small snack bar located in the main lobby of the Langley Sportsplex, sells fresh baked goods as well as hot and cold beverages. You can even get pizza slices or whole pizzas at Offside Café, and popcorn, beef sausage rolls, fries, and poutine too. Hashbrowns and baked muffins are also available during breakfast hours (before noon). It’s a convenient stop for those dropping off their kids for skating or hockey lessons.


On a recent Saturday afternoon, I was at the Sportsplex and grabbed a Poutine at Offside Café. Only one size of poutine is offered, and also just one type: Regular. It cost C$5.50, including tax.


Of course, if you’re getting a poutine at the Langley Sportsplex café, your expectations can’t be too high. I thought the fries were crunchy, and the gravy sauce was pretty good. All in all, a nice little “pre-game” snack before a hockey game in Rink #4 at the Sportsplex.




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