Freshslice Pizza (New Westminster)


I was in New Westminster recently, and stopped by Freshslice Pizza on Columbia and McKenzie Street for a couple of pizza slices (with a drink) and some Baked Chicken Wings.

Normally, two slices and a soft drink cost C$3.98 plus tax, but I had a coupon so it was a dollar less. The pizza slices are put in the warmer to be heated up and then they’re ready!


The wings, meanwhile, are of the baked variety and come in either hot or barbecue. They cost C$8.99 plus tax for 10 pieces. I went with the hot wings, thinking they weren’t going to be THAT spicy.


As it turned out, they weren’t spicy at all. They were also served with ranch sauce, by the way, which didn’t make any difference for me. I normally prefer wings without any dipping sauce, but the ranch sauce was good. I probably dipped half of the wings in the sauce and didn’t for the rest. Yummy! These wings were WAY better than the overrated chicken served at that pretentious place known as Kingsway Sushi (and don’t get me started about that dump).  I was happy with these wings at Freshslice, for sure!

If there was any beef that I had with this location, it’s that they carry Pepsi soft drink products but no Mountain Dew! I didn’t want any Mug Root Beer, so I went with the Pepsi instead. Otherwise, everything was all right.

What: Two slices of pizza with a pop; 10 pieces of baked chicken wings
Where: Freshslice Pizza, 629 Columbia Street, New westminister, BC, V3M 1A7
How Much: C$2.99 (with a coupon – normally it would be C$3.98); C$8.99
Final Thoughts: The wings were pretty good! The pizza was nice and warm.


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