Kingsway Sushi (Vancouver)

My group insisted we go to Kingsway Sushi for lunch despite my repeated protests, so I went along.

I’d been to Kingsway Sushi several times before, and found that their food was mediocre and service was crap (and I even heard their manager bad-mouthing customers behind their backs to his staff, calling them “cheap”). Here were some of the items that we had during this particular visit from the All-You-Can-Eat menu. I do not recommend Kingsway Sushi at all.




This visit did not change my opinion about Kingsway Sushi. Mediocre food. And it cost over C$14.00 per person for All-You-Can-Eat. Next time if my group tries the same stunt and pushes me to go in, I will just go to Starbucks nearby instead.[1]

Kingsway Sushi is located at #110 – 3665 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC, V5R 5W2, just five minutes away from Metrotown Mall in Burnaby. Their AYCE lunch menu is available from 11:30 to 2:30. Not recommended.

* * * * *

[1] Actually, what they did was very disrespectful as my opinion was obviously not valued, given I had already expressed my thoughts – repeatedly – about not wanting to go to that restaurant. I actually have other people to go out with for lunch/dinner/food, so I’m done with this group in terms of hanging out socially. There is little sense in wasting time hanging out with people who do not care about your thoughts and input.


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