Port Coquitlam Rec Complex Concession


I was at the Port Coquitlam Rec Complex to watch a local amateur hockey game recently, and I went to grab a burger from the concession stand (simply known as the Concession) with eight minutes left in the second period to avoid the intermission crowd.

I went with the Hamburger Platter, which was C$7.00 including tax. The cashier was very friendly and originally charged me C$4.00 before realizing I’d said I wanted the platter, not just the burger. Anyway, I was told there would be a seven-minute wait, so I hung out in the dining area to watch the Leafs-Canucks game on the flatscreen instead of returning to the rink to watch the amateur game. Alas, during the wait, there were a couple of loud cheers and horns from the rink, signaling goals from the home team. I checked Twitter and saw that alas, #19 from the Chiefs had scored his second and third goals of the game, meaning I’d missed the hat trick goals!


Anyway, the burger took more than 10 minutes before it was ready. The fries were….how should I say this, simply horrible. Some of the fries were cold, and some were hot. Some were normal, but some were really hard. I should have gone with just the burger. The patty was very juicy but part of the bun was hard. I’d say the burger, overall, was good enough. The fries, not worth it.

Ahhhh…back to the hockey game. I’d missed #19 getting his hat trick goals but in the third period, I saw #10 score his second and third of the game – absolute beauties – so I at least got to see those goals. Hat tricks by two different players on the same team. Pretty neat.


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