Woe Ga Jib Korean Restaurant (Richmond)


Steaming hot “Hot Pot Bulgogi”

Woe Ga Jib Korean Restaurant is a traditional Korean establishment located near Lansdowne Mall on Alexandra Road in Richmond. The name Woe Ga Jib, according to the restaurant’s website, means “grandmother’s house.” (There is also a Chinese name for the restaurant on the sign outside, and in Chinese it reads, “外婆屋”, which means the same thing: maternal grandmother’s house.) I suppose the concept of this restaurant is to create a traditional, family-style place, with the name reflecting the feeling of delicious home-cooked Korean dishes and also thankful feelings of the young toward their elders. After all, in Korea it’s usually the mom who cooks for the family, and the mom’s recipes are generally passed down from her mom. Hence, the “grandmother” concept, as the food made by grandmas is considered the most delicious dishes in their culture.

Anyway, I was in the area after a late meeting on a Wednesday evening in March, and stopped by Woe Ga Jib for a meal. The service was very friendly and prompt, and I was seated right away and given a pot of hot tea and menu. The restaurant was huge, and it wasn’t too busy at that point. There were three other tables being served at that time, and two were near mine and they were all speaking Chinese. Given that it’s Richmond (with a large Chinese population), I suppose it’s not surprising that some Chinese families would eat here too. Anyway, the daily specials were around C$15-16 and I opted to go with something lighter, and picked the Hot Pot Bulgogi (C$12.95), which is also served with a small bowl of rice. Bulgogi, basically, is a popular Korean dish that usually consists of grilled marinated beef.


Of course, just like other Korean restaurants, Woe Ga Jib provides some side dishes, and those were brought to my table with the rice.


The Bulgogi came shortly after. The soup was very sweet! I thought there was enough meat, though some of it was a bit chewy. I ate the meat and veggies with the rice and then drank the soup, which again was sweet and tasty.



Overall, during this visit, I found that Woe Ga Jib was a nice place with friendly staff. They were attentive and checked in with me a couple of times, and didn’t mess anything up. I was even asked during the meal if I wanted refills of those side dishes. (I didn’t.) I was pleasantly surprised, I guess. The food was decent – did I mention the soup was really sweet? – and I was satisfied.

When: Wednesday, March 11, 2015
What: Hot Pot Bulgogi
Where: Woe Ga Jib Korean Restaurant, 8320 Alexandra Road, Richmond, BC, V6X 1C4
How Much: C$12.95



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