Ragazzi Pizza Co.


Stopped by Ragazzi Pizza Co. one Thursday evening back in late February for some pizza. Or wings. Or salad. I’d been meaning to stop by Ragazzi for some time, but had actually never gone in. Located on the corner of East 22nd and Nootka in East Vancouver, Ragazzi is a tiny little place in a quiet neighbourhood across from the Renfrew Park Community Centre. I figured it was similar to a take-out pizza place – and there were single slices of pizza in the warmer at the front counter – but I saw a menu and decided to check it out and see what options there were.

Just then, this young woman came out from the kitchen area and – very abruptly – asked me what I wanted. I was a bit startled by the ‘attitude’ and responded that I needed some time to figure that out, pointing to the menu in my hand. She disappeared and I read through the menu items. Finally, she came back and again, in a very abrupt and unfriendly tone, asked me if I’d decided. She didn’t even have a smile on her face. I found it a bit rude but oh well. Anyway, it wasn’t closing time yet – it was just after 8:00 p.m. and the place closes at 9:30 – so it wasn’t like I had shown up at an inopportune time. Besides, it didn’t seem that busy, with only one couple seated at a table.

So yeah, I didn’t know Ragazzi was a sit-down place too, but they do have a big-screen TV as well (showing a replay of the Canucks-Sabres game from earlier in the day).


Oh, as for what I ordered, it was the Ragazzi Wings. The flavours available were hot, teriyaki, BBQ, and honey garlic, and I chose Honey Garlic. They do accept credit and debit at Ragazzi, but you actually pay at the time of the order. So, it’s always difficult to have to figure out a tip when the debit machine prompts you for that when you pay before you actually get to eat. Oh well.


The wings turned out to be wonderful. There were 12 pieces, and for each of them the meat came right off the bones cleanly. Very tender.

Oh, one thing I should mention is that during the wait, I did see that young woman come out to check on the couple, to see if they were doing okay. I guess she wasn’t that unfriendly after all. When my wings were ready, she brought them out to my table with a knife and fork, so she certainly did her job. It’s just that first impressions…are very important, and I would say I didn’t feel welcomed at the beginning. Oh well. (During the wait, I was very, very tempted to Tweet about the unfriendly service – but wisely decided against it. Let’s just say I came very close.)

And another thing…the wings were supposed to be C$9.95 plus tax, but I was charged C$9.40 total – which meant I was given a 10% discount. Not sure why. It’s not like I ordered it to go and deserved 10% off. Not sure what was going on, but I guess I won’t complain about that.

When: Thursday, February 26, 2015
What: Ragazzi Honey Garlic Wings
Where: Ragazzi Pizza Co., 2996 East 22nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC
How Much: C$9.40 with taxes (original price was supposed to be C$9.95 plus tax)
Final Thoughts: Pretty good wings, but too bad I had to endure the questionable service at the beginning. There were enough pluses, though, I guess. There’s a TV for watching sports. There are enough tables. According to the information I researched online as I was waiting for my food (and during the time I was tempted to Tweet about the unfriendly service), this establishment is known for its authentic Italian pizza. They do delivery too. Not bad for a place that I’d initially thought was a take-out pizza shop.

* * * * *

After that initial visit to Ragazzi, I then ordered these same wings for take-out a week later for V.


Alas, V. thought that the wings were “a bit dry,” adding that she’d had better chicken wings than these.

Then, she apparently packed some of them for lunch the following day, and reported back to me saying these Ragazzi wings actually tasted better with Uncle Ben’s rice! Who knew?

And oh, when I was there to order and pick up these wings, it was a different person manning the till that night. He was waaaaay friendlier and very cheerful. No temptation on my part to Tweet anything during that visit. 😉


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