Lumberjack Poutine (Fatburger)


Lumberjack Poutine

The Harbour Centre food court is way different now compared to the last time I was there two short years ago. After going through its recent renovation, the food court now looks very modern with additional food places (like Starbucks and a new pizza place) and seating areas – and even bigger washrooms. Oh, and even WiFi too.

I decided to check out Fatburger, which is in the centre of the action when you take the escalator down to the food court and walk past the three TV monitors (ahhh… The Young & the Restless was playing on the left monitor when I was there, with the Jack Abbott/Victor Newman scene in the hospital room from Feb. 2015, ie. where they were forced to share a room together). After looking at the menu for a couple of minutes, I went with the Lumberjack Poutine.

The friendly cashier took my order and handed me a number plate, which I thought nothing of until I saw one customer walk up to pick up his order – and his number plate thingy was flashing red lights. Ahhhh – that’s what that was… this little circular thingy lights up when your order is ready! Kind of like the FOX puck (ie. that glowing puck) from the mid-1990s. Well, sort of. Pretty cool!


After figuring that out, I went to find a table to sit at instead of waiting at the pick-up area, since the poutine was going to take several minutes to be ready. Of course, soon enough, my number thingy was flashing red lights and then I went up to pick up my order.


Remarkably, the Fatburger website ( didn’t have any information about their poutines, other than listing just the single word “Poutine” in the “Sandwiches & Sides” section. But there were several types of poutines that this location offered (not that I’d been to other locations), as I’d seen on the menu board just moments earlier. “Lumberjack” poutine, as this one that I’d ordered was called, was obviously a Canadian-style version designed to attract Canadians.

Personally, I thought that the bacon should have been chopped into bits and served that way, as opposed to having both strips, left uncut, displayed on top of the poutine. Sure, I was given a plastic knife, but c’mon. I wasn’t going to cut the bacon myself. So I just ate it as is.

Now, the top part of the poutine was delicious because of the sautéed onions, but the bottom part was fairly ordinary. I also thought that the container should have been wider. After all, it was hard to pick apart the poutine and mix up the toppings thoroughly when the box holding everything was so tiny. And I most definitely didn’t want things to spill over onto the advertisement paper on the food tray. It wasn’t convenient, that’s for sure.

Overall, though, I guess I was satisfied during this visit. The cashier guy was friendly, the food didn’t take long to be ready, and, haha, the FOX puck-style number thingy gadget was cool too. Not bad for my first ever purchase at a Fatburger location.

When: Wednesday, February 25, 2015
What: Lumberjack Poutine
Where: Fatburger, Harbour Centre food court location, Food Court 08 – 555 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 4N4
How Much: C$7.99 plus tax (C$8.40 total)


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