Cookies & Cream Frappini (Take Five Café)

Got a Cookies & Cream Ice-Cold Frappini from Take Five Café on a hot afternoon recently. I was attracted by the sign advertising it, and decided to get one.


It’s really sweet, and yikes, can be really addictive too! This 16 oz. cup (or medium) cost C$5.20 (C$4.95 plus tax). I actually didn’t specify which size I wanted and I wasn’t asked either. I guess it either came in one size or they just give you a medium if you didn’t say. I was asked, though, if I wanted whipping cream and I said yes.

At this particular Metrotown Mall location, they have a small seating area for customers to sit and enjoy their food and beverages. It’s also a good place to sit and talk to friends too.

Also, Take Five Café isn’t just about coffee and cold beverages. They offer breakfast and lunch items, including sandwiches, wraps, muffins, soup and salad, panini, and pasta, as well as snack items like pastries and cookies.


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