Smokehouse Poutine and Burger (Triple O’s)


The new promos at Triple O’s for March 2015 were The New Smokehouse Poutine and The Famous Smokehouse Burger, and I was at the Grandview Hwy location on Tuesday night to try them out after my meeting with Kristine ended.

Things were reeeeally sour at the beginning. It wasn’t the regular friendly dude at the till this time, the guy that was there in my two previous trips at this location. And naturally, this “new” person at the till managed to piss me off right off the bat. After a couple had just finished ordering, I arrived at the counter and would have been next. But this other customer then came in too, and the cashier served him next!!!! Perhaps there wasn’t smoke or steam coming out of my ears, but I was not happy. After the cashier helped that other customer and then took my order, I told her in a fairly upset tone that I wanted the Smokehouse Poutine, Smokehouse Burger, and a regular drink. She sort of picked up on that, and it was a bit awkward. Oh well. At least she realized she’d goofed up in ignoring me in favour of the other customer that came after me.

Anyway, because this location had the modern menu display board, it meant the screen kept rotating and I had to wait a bit to see the prices of those items. (Of course, the Triple O’s website does not list any prices.) Okay, so after a while, I saw that the Smokehouse Poutine, by itself, was C$5.99 plus tax, and the Smokehouse Burger was C$7.99 plus tax. For my combo, because I also ordered a drink, it was C$14.49 plus taxes, which came to a total of C$15.21. Hahaha, talk about inviting a heart attack with the poutine and burger… and of course, the pop. I’d stopped drinking pop for some time now, but I suppose I was going all out on this night.

After a few minutes, the cashier that pissed me off brought the food over, and I suppose she tried to make peace by engaging me in conversation. By that time, I’d already calmed down and gave her a smile and responded to her small talk. (Yes, I was annoyed earlier, but I don’t let those types of things linger and, being the easygoing person I normally am, I move on very quickly from negativity… unlike certain co-workers I’d had in the past who just tried to sabotage you if they were pissed off at you, making up stories just to get you fired. But I digress.) She wanted to know what I thought about the taste of the poutine….and this was before I’d even started eating. (I think she was trying to make up for the earlier goof-up with her small talk, so I didn’t get annoyed by the somewhat ‘dumb’ question.) I explained I’d never had it before, and added that it was a new item and I’d seen the ad about it online and wanted to try it for the first time. She asked if I could let her know afterward so I agreed, and she left.

Anyway, after all that, it was time to eat.


The poutine was made with thick-cut kennebec fries, cheese curds, smoked cheddar, hickory smoked bacon bits, frizzled onions, and topped with gravy and chipotle drizzle. The first few bites were yummy. I thought that the onions were very crispy, and the gravy and chipotle drizzle made the poutine very tasty. Triple O’s had used these last two items in their other specialty poutines in the past, and they were always winners, in my opinion. This new smokehouse poutine was pretty good, and I made sure I told the cashier before I left.

As for the Smokehouse Burger, apparently Triple O’s had introduced it at some point in the past and then just brought it back for a limited time now – but again, I’d never tried it before.


One thing about this burger was that there was a lot of chipotle mayo on it! It wasn’t exactly dripping out or anything, but after one bite, my hands became sticky because of the mayo. It could be a messy burger indeed. 🙂 This burger contained a beef patty, hickory smoked bacon, smoked cheddar, frizzled onions, lettuce, tomato, BBQ sauce – and oh yeah, Triple O’s obligatory pickle slice. Anyway, lots of mayo as mentioned. It was good. A very generous portion of bacon bits – and even right down to the last bite of the burger. I was going to take a picture of that last bite with that bacon piece, but then I thought about it…seriously, who’s going to be THAT interested in seeing the remains of a burger that I’d almost finished? 😛

Back to the thing with the cashier…Did I overreact at the beginning? Perhaps. We’re all human and we make mistakes. She made a mistake in serving that customer first. But whatever, it was a human mistake. Nobody died or got injured or anything like that just because I had to wait an extra few minutes. Not a big deal. An honest mistake. She’d probably had a long day. It’ll be forgotten soon enough, on my part. … That’s how it is in life. I’m glad that I look at things this way. Unlike certain people who were part of my life that only tried to sabotage me just because things didn’t go their way. Oh well. I’m glad I’m alive, happy, and have a chance to try Triple O’s new – and recurring – items every now and again. It was a good meal. Not healthy, but good. I enjoyed it.


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