Dae-Ji Cutlet House (Burnaby)

Last weekend, M. got some takeout from Dae-Ji Cutlet House (the North Road location) that we could share. Dae-Ji, which also has locations in downtown Vancouver, Surrey, and at the Coquitlam Centre, is apparently known for its pork cutlet dishes as well as its Kimchi fried rice.


No Kimchi fried rice this time, though, as M. picked up the Cheese Pork Cutlet, which was served with gravy sauce, salad, and rice.


Believe it or not, that was more than enough pork for the both of us, and it was only C$11.00! (M. said she was splitting her share into two portions, one to eat right away and the rest to be packed for lunch for the following day!) Well, okay, we didn’t actually split the rice because I gave her the entire rice and I cooked my own, but still… Again, I’m a light eater and it does really depend on each person. I’m sure many other people out there eat way more than I do, so….


As you can see, the pork cutlet was topped off with melted cheese, and you could pour gravy on top. I thought the cutlet, which by the way wasn’t too thick or too thin, was crisp and delicious. The salad, meanwhile, was kind of like coleslaw.

And oh, by the way, if you’d rather not have pork, Dae-Ji does offer chicken and fish cutlets too.



When: Sunday, February 22, 2015
What: Cheese Pork Cutlet takeout
Where: Dae-Ji Cutlet House, North Road/Burquitlam location, 205-4501 North Road, Burnaby, BC, V3N 4R7
How Much: C$10.99
Final Thoughts: Pretty good! Very generous portions too!



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