The One Café (Richmond)

On a rainy Saturday afternoon recently, I was in Richmond for a meeting with A. and also to cover a BC Major Midget Hockey League game at the Richmond Oval. In between the two errands, it was lunch time and I decided to stop by The One Café, a Hong Kong-style café restaurant which is located near the Brighouse Canada Line SkyTrain station.

This is a Cash-Only establishment, and I only had 10 dollars in cash on me, so I had to go with something cheap. Fortunately, they had a special lunch menu with C$7.50 items, and I picked the Minute Steak with Black Pepper Sauce with Rice from that menu.


The service was all right; the waiter brought over a glass of hot tea promptly. Since it was lunch hour, the place was busy, but it didn’t take long for my food to come.


I thought that the corn came out of a frozen package that you can pick up from the store, but then again, I don’t eat corn that much so it was just a guess. Whatever. There was a lot of sauce with the dish, and the pepper in it made it nice and spicy. So much so that I started coughing a little, but I didn’t mind. It was also a little bit salty. The meat, meanwhile, was tender, and I had no complaints about it.

Overall, it was an okay meal since I was paying under 10 bucks and it was just a quick lunch in between errands. Would I return, though, to The One Café? Highly unlikely. This isn’t an original joke, but I would have to say, “I’m very sorry, but you’re simply not The One.” There just wasn’t anything special about this particular restaurant.

What: Minute Steak with Black Pepper Sauce with Rice
Where: The One Café, 6091 No 3 Road
Richmond, BC

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