Olymel Buffalo Chicken Wings

Another get-together with tons of chicken wings, this time Olymel Buffalo wings. It doesn’t come with pub-style sauces, unlike Pinty’s, but it’s not difficult to make your own dip. Anyway, with chicken wings – at least for me – it’s more about the company you’re with and less so about the food. 🙂

photo 1

A.L. said she preferred Pinty’s wings more than these Olymel wings, but admitted it was because of the lack of sauces. I thought the wings were a great size, and though they weren’t cooked until they were crispy enough, they tasted good enough for me. Should have cooked them for a bit longer, I suppose. Pretty good, but nothing stunning, if you will. A couple of the others in the group just said “meh.”

photo 2

You can tell these weren’t as popular with the group because we ended up having to store them in the fridge because there were still quite a few pieces left over. I mean, I would still say they’re decent because they’re easy to prepare and are perfect for having friends over and/or watching the game on television.

I don’t remember exactly now, but I think each box (650 g) was something like C$10 or C$11 from Superstore. The consensus that night was that even though these Olymel wings were good, they’d still rather go for Pinty’s.

Other flavours of Olymel chicken wings include BBQ Chipotle, Spicy and Crispy, and Honey & Garlic.


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