KFC Poutine

photo 1

Was in Richmond one late afternoon recently and was a bit hungry. I didn’t want a full meal but just wanted a snack, so I got a Poutine at the KFC location in the small food court at Lansdowne Centre. Hey, after all, I’m a big fan of poutine!

Though KFC’s poutine isn’t as good as the specialty ones at Triple O’s or even some of the ones at New York Fries, it at least satisfied my hunger on this afternoon. 🙂 That’s all I could really ask for. And oh, the poutine was hot too – which was at least better than the cold McDonald’s poutines I’d had last year.

What: Poutine
Where: KFC Lansdowne Centre, 1020-5300 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC, V6X 2X9
How Much: C$4.99 plus tax (or C$5.25 total)
Final Thoughts: The KFC gravy is always yummy, and the poutine was served nice and hot. (You might think that last part is something we all take for granted and not even necessary to mention, but I’d had McDonald’s poutines before where they were cold – and I was eating right there at the restaurant!)


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