Manzano Bakery (Metrotown)

Was walking around Metrotown shopping centre one Wednesday afternoon and I decided to check out Manzano Bakery, which is located near the ICBC office and The Bay.


Manzano is a small bakery shop that sells whole cakes, sandwiches, cookies, coffee, and even soup. I noticed they had several different types of cakes in their display, each for C$28.00, but of course I wasn’t there for cake. 🙂

I went with their Soup and Half Sandwich Combo, which was only C$6.59 plus tax (or C$6.90). On this particular day, they were serving Beef and Barley Soup, and as for the sandwich, I had a few varieties to choose from and I went with the Lamb Sandwich. They accept cash and debit only, and fortunately I did have cash on me that day.


There is a small seating area outside the shop reserved for customers only, right in the mall sidewalk, and on this day it was completely full so I had to share a table with another customer before some people finally left. There are only six tables so it’s not a huge seating area, and some people obviously take a long time sitting there eating while doing stuff online with their iPads, etc.

The soup was just what I needed as I was battling an annoying cold, and I liked the flavour. The cold lamb sandwich, meanwhile, was as good as any sandwich that I’d had elsewhere. Hard to not like lamb, even if it’s served as part of a sandwich. The lamb pieces were very tender, though the bread’s crust was, predictably, hard.

Overall, I was satisfied with the lunch, and it only cost C$6.90 with taxes.


One thing that I thought about was how much profit Manzano Bakery made per day. When I was in the shop to order the items, there were three young ladies working there. As I was eating outside in the seating area, I noticed a fourth employee helping out. I would guess the shop does get busy throughout the day just because of the number of shoppers that go through the mall daily.


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