Prata-Man Singapore Cuisine (Richmond)


Was in Richmond a few weeks back, and I stopped by Prata-Man Singapore Cuisine for lunch. I’m always interested in trying Hainanese Chicken in Singaporean restaurants, so that’s what I picked at Prata-Man.

Though you might expect the restaurant to be spacious given how big it looked from the outside, it was actually a small establishment with only about a dozen tables. I was seated when I walked in, and the waiter brought over a glass of hot tea and the menus.

The Single Order Hainanese Chicken is actually a great deal, costing only C$7.25 and coming with rice AND soup. None of that pretentious nonsense I’d had at Tropika some time earlier (where their Hainanese Chicken came only with bones – and lots of them).


The order didn’t take long to come, and I have to admit I knew it was going to be a great meal when I saw the food.


The chicken-flavoured soup was awesome – very tasty and sweet. The chili sauce and green onions gave the chicken, which was boneless and tender, an added flavour. THAT’s the type of Hainanese chicken that I’m used to. The crap that I’d had at Tropika several weeks back was so horrible but this one at Prata-Man was simply marvelous. It was a very delicious Hainanese chicken meal, which I guess was a bit unexpected because Prata-Man is run by Cantonese people and not Singaporeans. I don’t know if I’m using the right word, but the chicken was very slick, as I had difficulty picking the pieces up with the chopsticks, so I used the spoon instead. Overall, I enjoyed the meal; it was great.

Oh, by the way, it’s cash only at Prata-Man. Good thing I had that on me!



What: Hainanese Chicken, single order, served with rice and soup
Where: Prata-Man Singapore Cuisine, 9060 Capstan Way, Richmond, BC, V6X 3V9
How Much: C$7.25 (which came to C$7.60 with taxes)



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