CBO (McDonald’s)


Saw a new McDonald’s bus stop ad advertising their New CBO at the beginning of the week, so I figured I would try it and see what it was all about.

Since I’m not a McDonald’s regular, I’d never heard of CBO before and some online research revealed that back in 2012 Mickey Dee’s in the U.S. had introduced a CBO – Cheddar Bacon Onion – as part of their Angus and chicken burgers. Apparently, the original CBO had first been introduced in Europe prior to the 2010s.

I have no recollection of such burgers, and I think that 2012 burger was only for the U.S. market, but in any event this so-called “new” CBO in 2015 stood for “Chicken Bacon Onion.” Essentially, a chicken burger with bacon bits and onion straws. Doing another online search revealed very little about this “new” CBO as nobody in Canada had reviewed it yet, and I couldn’t even find the price for this item.

Well, when I was at the local McDonald’s to pick this “new” CBO up, I saw on the menu there that the burger by itself was C$5.99 plus tax (C$6.29), and C$8.69 plus tax (C$9.12) for a combo.



The burger was exactly what was advertised: crispy chicken with hickory smoked bacon bits and crunchy onions. Yup, I could taste all three things. The onions left this lingering taste in my mouth and the chicken was crispy. The onion bun was soft. It felt like there was at least a bit of bacon in every bite.

Was this burger better than or on par with other fast food chicken sandwiches, such as those found at KFC or Burger King? I have no idea because I don’t eat chicken burgers from fast food places. Therefore, I can’t comment on that. What I can say, though, is that for fast food, the C$6.29 price (including tax) was a bit much for a new item that McDonald’s is trying to promote. I didn’t hate or dislike the “new” CBO; I wouldn’t say I’m a fan either. I consider it exactly what it is: relatively expensive fast food.


Having said all that, would I line up for it? No. Would I recommend it to anybody? Nope. Would I try it again? Well, you never say never, but I highly doubt it. Perhaps, though, if I found six bucks in change for whatever reason, I might get rid of all those coins in exchange for that burger. Otherwise, it’s one-and-done.

Ohhhh, and finally, the all-important question: Is this a “legend in the making”? (See bus stop ad above.) Uhm, the answer would be a definite no.

What: McDonald’s New CBO (Chicken Bacon Onion)
How Much: C$5.99 plus tax for the burger by itself; C$8.69 plus tax for the combo
Final Thoughts: Too expensive for a burger that didn’t “wow” me


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