Sushi Royal House Japanese Restaurant (Take-out)

Several weeks back, M. wanted me to bring over some take-out food but didn’t have any preference as far as which establishment was concerned, so I suggested Sushi Royal House Japanese Restaurant.  After I messaged over part of Sushi Royal House’s menu that I had on my phone, she sent me her request and then I stopped by to pick up the items.

One thing about Sushi Royal House is that they don’t give you any discounts for take-out orders, something that a few other restaurants give. Oh well.

M. wanted the Unagi Don (C$9.95), and I also ordered the Chicken Karaage (C4.50) for us to share. Each order of chicken karaage came with five pieces.


When I had the chicken karaage while dining in at Sushi Royal House some months ago, they provided sweet chili sauce. But no such sauce with this take-out order. No problem, since I prefer my deep fried chicken without any additional sauces.

I think M. was satisfied with her unagi don – she had me pick up some sushi (California Cone at C$2.95, Spicy Tuna Cone at C$2.95, and Chopped Scallop Cone at C$3.95) for her from the same place a week later.

* * * * *

Oh, and guess what… M. wanted more food from Sushi Royal House the following week too. Plus some more chicken karaage…which came with the chili sauce that time. M. noted that the first karaage she had were mediocre but they were way better her second time.



And soon enough, Sushi Royal House take-out would become a regular thing for M…. I guess I created a sushi-karaage-eating monster out of M.! 😉




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