Buffalo Wings (7-Eleven)


Since I’m always looking for content for this site, I try to take advantage of any opportunity where I could write about food – even if it’s something simple such as a snack item from 7-Eleven.

When I was at 7-Eleven picking up a small item recently, I decided to try their 59-cent Buffalo Chicken Wings as well. (According to the sign on their warmers, the 59 cents are valid only for Wednesdays and Saturdays – no mention of what the prices would be on the other days… or perhaps the wings aren’t available on other days?)

I went with eight pieces, so it came to C$4.95 with taxes. Since there’s only small table at this particular 7-Eleven location, it’s not a good place to “enjoy” the food. It’s best to take it to-go. Anyway, I wasn’t going to eat there to begin with; after getting the wings, I also made another stop to pick up some other food so that M. and I could have a feast together!


By the time we got to eat the wings, they were a little soggy because I had to pick up the other food on the way. So, the skin wasn’t crispy at all, but at least the meat was tender. They weren’t too spicy, which is good…. for me anyway. A.L. was there too, and she commented that the wings were a tad spicy for her liking. As for M., she thought the wings were a little too salty.

Overall, for the amount of money that was paid for these wings, I would say we were satisfied.


Other than chicken wings, 7-Eleven also has potato wedges, chicken in strips, chicken in kabobs, pizza by the slice, mini tacos, and some other snack items. A variety of meals for snack lovers, so to speak.


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