Pepperoni Bacon Whopper (Burger King)

A couple of new items, or new deals, prompted me to visit Burger King recently.

First of all, they had recently introduced their Pepperoni Bacon Whopper, which seemed like a good idea because anytime you have pizza toppings…yummy!


Well…but the reality was different from perception. Sure, the burger had pepperoni slices in there (yes, I checked to make sure). However, it was still essentially a fast-food burger. Nothing outstanding about it. The pepperoni slices tasted good. I didn’t really taste any bacon, though, as I didn’t think there was that much in the burger. Personally, after having tried one of these Pepperoni Bacon Whoppers, I would say they were a bit overrated. I wouldn’t say I was a big fan of the Original Whopper to begin with. Probably hadn’t had one in several years.



The other “deal” I had spoken about at the top was Burger King’s lowering their prices for their 10-piece nuggets in mid-January, apparently in an attempt to compete with McDonald’s. In the U.S., the BK 10-piece nuggets went down to US$1.50. In Canada, their 10-piece nuggets were down to C$1.79. (And oh, by the way, I did ask for nuggets that day with the Pepperoni Bacon Whopper, but was told they “ran out.”)

So, on a separate trip and at a different BK location, I ordered the 10-Piece Nugget Meal (ie. with a pop and fries), which cost C$5.00 (C$5.25 with taxes). According to the outdated display menu, the 10-piece nugget meal was normally C$8.69 plus tax. Now, in order to be objective in a blog like this, I think it’s best to see what the service is like normally, so I refrain from asking for “extras.” (ie. I don’t initiate conversation about things that are supposed to be essential – I wait for them to provide those items, because it’s part of their jobs.) I want to see if these fast-food workers or servers or baristas, etc., whatever the case is, do their jobs properly. In BK’s case when I ordered the nuggets, they didn’t. (And so, I shall comment about it here accordingly.) Sure, they gave me ketchup for the fries, but they failed to give me any dipping sauces for the nuggets. They were supposed to give me options of which sauce I wanted, but never did that or even included a random dipping sauce on my tray. Oh well.



As for the actual taste, I thought the BK nuggets were better than the McNuggets from McDonald’s…but it should be also mentioned I hadn’t had nuggets from Mickey Dees in at least 10 (?) years? I just knew that I was never a fan of McNuggets from McDonald’s, so I had not bought that for over a decade. Perhaps the taste had changed since then, but who knows. Never been a fan, so I guess it’s not a fair comparison. The BK nuggets were crunchy. It’s best, though, not to eat these on an empty stomach. Doing so will definitely make one sick (in my case, anyway).

When: Mid-January, 2015 (two separate visits)
Pepperoni Bacon Whopper Combo; 10-Piece Nugget Meal
Where: Burger King
How Much: C$8.60; C$5.25 (prices include taxes)
Final Thoughts: Not a fan of the Pepperoni Whopper; thought there weren’t a lot of bacon pieces in there. The nuggets were better than McDonald’s, I thought, but I should say I hadn’t had McDonald’s McNuggets in several years…so it might not be a fair comparison. Best to not eat these BK nuggets when you’re really hungry.



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