Chocolate Sundae (Burger King)

Z. is always bugging me about how she gets special treatment at one of the Burger King locations because she’s friends with people who work there. One time, she texted me the following picture of a strawberry chocolate sundae that she got at her usual BK location. My, it looked huge and delicious.


So, naturally, I wanted to go and get the same thing and text Z. back to say, “Anything you can do, I can do better.” The following day after finishing off some errands at SFU, I went to that same BK location where Z. frequents, and calmly asked the cashier for a “strawberry chocolate sundae.” Unfortunately, all the guy did was look at me like I was an idiot (haha, joke was on me) and he asked me to pick one or the other.

Since I wasn’t allowed to pick both, I reluctantly went with “just” the Chocolate Sundae. My sundae looked fairly mediocre, paling in comparison to Z.’s. Sigh. Hahaha, I guess I lost this “challenge.”


I did send Z. the picture, and yup, as expected, she laughed. Well, no big deal. At least the chocolate sundae was delicious. 🙂 And besides, I’m not a fan of strawberries either. 😉


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