The Sixth Street Grill (New Westminster)

The Sixth Street Grill, established in 2013, is located in uptown New Westminster – and one of the regular hang-out places for C.


She and I went there last Sunday afternoon, wanting to have a chance to sit down and catch up. C. is such a regular at The Sixth Street Grill that the owner and the staff know her name. It wasn’t busy at the time we were there, but C. told me it normally gets really crowded around dinner time.


C. recommended a few items on the menu, things that she’d tried before, but I decided to go with a Chicken Souvlaki, which is served with Greek Salad and rice pilaf, and also includes a soup to start and pudding/Jell-O for dessert. They didn’t have lemonade, so I ordered an Iced Tea and also had their Clam Chowder soup. C., meanwhile, had a Sockeye Salmon Filet and decaf coffee.


While we were waiting for the food, C. told me that the service here was pretty good, which was one of the reasons she was a regular. There were at least three flatscreens in the establishment, including one at the bar/counter area, and they had the Colts-Patriots AFC Championship Game on. (C. was facing the counter while I was facing her, so at times I had to turn around to check out the game when the Patriots had drives going on offense. I also relied on the mirrors to my right, showing the other two monitors. 😛 Another sidebar: With the victory, the Patriots’ Tom Brady was headed for his sixth trip to the Super Bowl; for a guy who was a very low-round draft pick and did not have everything handed to him at the start of his NFL career,… you just have to root for him because he was an underdog and had gone on to have such an accomplished career.)

When the food came, C. commented that her salmon was a bit dry, but still delicious.


I was happy with my souvlaki; I thought the portion was generous. The chicken was very tender and I liked the salad and the tzatziki sauce. The dish also came with garlic bread.



The Sixth Street Grill provided a great chance for C. and I to catch up about what was going on with our lives. It was great. And, oh, before I forget, there was dessert too. I went with a Jell-O, with whipped cream (which, again, was included as part of the meal). C. went with a pudding.


When: Sunday, January 18, 2015
Where: The Sixth Street Grill, 413 6th Street, New Westminster, BC, V3L 3B1
What: Chicken Souvlaki (includes a soup and dessert); Iced Tea
How Much: C$11.95; C$2.00  (C.’s Sockeye Salmon Filet was C$12.95)
Final Thoughts: Good meal, good deal, good service, and a good place to hang out and chat…especially if you are there before the dinner



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