BP’s Prime Rib Burger (Boston Pizza)


On New Year’s Eve, I was at the Boston Pizza location on Rupert and Grandview Highway for a burger and pop.

I went with the BP’s Prime Rib Burger, which is their standard half-pound prime rib burger that comes with lettuce, tomato, and red onions. Even though the burger comes served with fries, Caesar salad, or garden greens, I opted for the Cactus Cut Potatoes for an extra C$2.59. I also ordered a Lemonade.

Since it was busy that night, it took quite a long time before my meal came. Fortunately, it was a Wednesday night, so there was Wednesday Night Hockey on the flatscreens, and during the lengthy wait, I was able to see the overtime and shootout session of the Toronto-Boston game (won by the Maple Leafs). Then when the food came, I caught part of the first period of the Calgary-Edmonton contest, which on paper was a huge mismatch given the fact the Oilers had won just twice over their last 22 games and had just lost to the Flames the previous weekend.


As for the food, the burger was awesome with the beef patty very juicy. The cactus cut potatoes, meanwhile, came with a dish of sour cream and they were all right. Nothing special. I probably should have gone with salad instead.

When: Wednesday, December 31, 2014
What: BP’s Prime Rib Burger with Cactus Cut Potatoes; Lemonade
Where: Grandview Boston Pizza, 2850 Bentall Street, Vancouver, BC (one block east of Rupert SkyTrain Station)
How Much: C$12.49; C$2.59; C$2.99



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