22’s Grill (BWC Burnaby)

On a blackboard in front of the counter at 22’s Grill, a tiny cafeteria/snack bar at the Burnaby Winter Club, they were advertising Chicken or Turkey Plate Special with Potatoes, Rice, and Salad for C$12. It was just five days before Christmas when I was there, and I thought, “Hey, why not get the turkey meal? It’s Christmas, after all.”


Unfortunately, they did not have any turkey, and I reluctantly went with the Chicken Plate Special instead. (Actually, initially the lady, who was very friendly by the way, didn’t know what I was talking about because apparently she’d just begun the shift and wasn’t aware of the contents on that blackboard. Also, she asked me what price was written on the board so she could punch in my order.)

Sadly, the piece of chicken was a lot smaller than I expected, and there was way too much rice. Sure, the rice and potatoes were tasty because of the sauce they used, but I’d rather have had a larger piece of chicken. Oh! They forgot to give me the salad too! I sat at one of the tables there to eat and watch the 49ers-Chargers game that was shown on the flatscreen – and also to charge my phone and laptop.


And why was I at the Burnaby Winter Club on this rainy, miserable Saturday evening? It was to cover the BC Major Midget Hockey League game between the visiting Okanagan Rockets and the Vancouver Northwest Giants (hours after I’d covered a contest between the Cariboo Cougars and Greater Vancouver Canadians at the Richmond Oval). Rockets General Manager David Michaud was kind enough to chat with me during the first intermission:


When: Saturday, December 20, 2014
What: Chicken Plate
Where: 22’s Grill, Burnaby Winter Club, 4990 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC, V5G 1M4
How Much: C$12.00


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