Tropika (Richmond)

Tropika, an Asian restaurant that serves Thai and Malaysian food, has three locations in the Lower Mainland, with two being in Vancouver and the third one in the Richmond Lansdowne Centre shopping mall. After I met up with Q and Y on a Monday afternoon near Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Richmond to go over a few things, I stopped by the Lansdowne Tropika location nearby as I was a bit hungry.

If what they say about first impressions being important is true, then Tropika failed to wow me when I first entered their restaurant. Sure, I was greeted right away, but the dude was surly and abrupt. Whatever, I was seated and I proceeded to go through their menus as the waiter poured me a glass of water. I decided to have some Lamb Satays, with chicken, beef, and pork being the other choices. Each order required a minimum order of six sticks, at C$1.50 apiece. (Now, the price of C$1.50 was hand-written and taped onto the menu, which led me to go online afterward to find an older menu. As I discovered, the price before was C$1.30 per stick.) I also ordered the Hainanese Chicken, which came in either the quarter chicken size (C$7.95) or the half chicken (C$14.95). It did not come with rice, however, and I didn’t feel like paying extra for that, so I simply got the quarter chicken size.



I found that the lamb satays were very tender and easy to chew, and the peanut sauce (satay sauce) gave them the extra flavour. As for the Hainanese chicken, they were horrible, to be perfectly honest. There were lots of bones on every piece of the chicken, which was very annoying for me. I’d had Hainanese chicken before and I prefer the style served boneless. With the Tropika Hainanese chicken, unfortunately I’m simply not a fan. Literally every bite I took, I had to remove bones from my mouth. Not a fan at all.

Since only half of the dishes that I ordered was to my satisfaction – not to mention the surly dude who seated me – I would say that the visit overall was somewhat of a complete bust.


When: Monday, December 15, 2014
What: Lamb Satays (six sticks); Hainanese Chicken (quarter chicken)
Where: Tropika at Lansdowne, #322 – 5300 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC, V6X 2X9
How Much: C$9.00; C$7.95




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