The Sea House Fish and Chips (Vancouver)

On a Saturday afternoon back in December, I was in the Kingsway-Rupert area in East Vancouver, and stopped by The Sea House Fish and Chips for lunch. I saw on the menu posted outside that they had some inexpensive fish and chip combos, as well as burgers, so I thought I would check them out.


When I entered, I thought I’d walked into a cafeteria as opposed to a restaurant. However, I had to admit, I was impressed because the place was very neatly organized and clean. At every table, a fork and knife were neatly placed with a piece of napkin at each seat. Photocopies of the menu could be found at each table as well, tucked in neatly in these little baskets that held ketchup, salt, and pepper containers. Since nobody greeted me when I went in, I simply walked to the table closest to the front counter/kitchen area and picked up a menu to look at. I was surprised because everything listed on the menu was inexpensive, including home-made burgers for only C$4.50 each.



Once I decided what I wanted, I went to the counter and told the lady my order: the two-piece Halibut special value meal, which came with soup or pop as well as coleslaw and fries, for C$11.25. Instead of soup, I opted for a Pepsi (though they had Coke as well, as I could see the fridge in the kitchen). Since I thought customers had to pay first, I had already taken out a 20-dollar bill and had it ready in my hand. (The Sea House Fish and Chips takes cash only, as prominently noted both outside and at the counter.) The lady rang my order in and took my payment. (Oops…I saw later when I sat down to eat, that the other customers paid after they’d finished eating. Haha, no difference, I guess.) She gave me my Pepsi and also poured a glass of water for me too, and I sat down and waited.

After my food was ready, the lady brought it over to my table. I was surprised at the portions, as the amount of fries was way too much, a lot more than I expected. There was no way I was going to finish them, but again, it was good value for the money because of the amount you were given. The halibut also came with two small containers of tartar sauce, one for each piece, I presume. Both the fries and halibut were fresh and hot, and I thought the fish was crispy and not too heavy with the batter. The fries, meanwhile, weren’t that crispy, but tasted fine when I started dipping them in the tartar sauce (as opposed to the ketchup that was at my table). As for the coleslaw, it was okay.


Though the place seemed like a cafeteria, I again would have to say it was clean and tidy. They even had some Christmas decorations up already. (This visit took place about two weeks before Christmas.) During my meal, I went to use the restroom to wash my hands, and again, I would give them full marks because the washroom was clean.


I assume The Sea House Fish and Chips is owned and operated by a Cantonese family, as the lady spoke Cantonese with someone in the kitchen. She was also friendly with the customers as well. I noticed after each customer finished and paid, she would immediately clean up their table and have it organized like the other tables for the next customers. Very efficiently-run. As one customer was paying (for herself and her young kids), she told the lady that the food was delicious. Later, another customer (a teenaged girl who was paying for herself, her mom, and brother) told her that the clam chowder soup was great. I guess all of the customers were happy with their food on this afternoon!


When: Saturday, December 13, 2014
What: Two-piece Halibut Special Value Meal, served with Soup or Pop, as well as Coleslaw and Fries
Where: The Sea House Fish and Chips, #7 – 3003 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC, V5R 5J6
How Much: C$11.25
Final Thoughts: The customers complimented the lady about the food, so that was a clear indication that they enjoyed their meals. One thing to note is that The Sea House Fish and Chips takes cash only.


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