The Works Poutine (New York Fries)

Was a little hungry one Tuesday afternoon back in late November – but I didn’t want a full meal – so stopped by the New York Fries at Metrotown Mall to try one of their poutines. New York Fries offers several types of poutines including butter chicken and pulled pork.

There are two sizes, the small for C$4.99 and the regular for C$5.99, plus tax. I went with the regular size of The Works, which is served with beef chili over fries, topped with sour cream, cheese sauce, green onions, and bacon bits.


I wonder, though, if this really should be considered poutine, because after all, cheese curds are a big part of it. New York Fries’ The Works “Poutine” does not contain cheese curds or gravy.

The sauces were okay, the fries fairly mediocre, and the bacon bits had no taste, so overall this poutine was nothing to write home about. For a dish under seven bucks when I was hungry, though, it did the job and that was all that mattered.

* * * * *

PS: As far as poutine is concerned, I still prefer the specialty ones at Triple O’s (think: their spicy chicken club poutine). Here’s an old picture that I still have in my phone, one of the Triple O’s spicy chicken club poutines that I had over a year ago out at the SFU location. (I think this might have been from around April 2014, but I’m sure I ordered this poutine several times at both UBC and SFU, and I’m still waiting for Triple O’s to bring it back. It’s one of those items that is available only during their promotional periods.) Mmmmmm…. tasty!


I also recall having the Triple O’s blue cheese poutine back around January 2014 as well, though I probably only had it a couple of times. It’s a shame these items are around only for a limited time!


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