HOPS! A Northwest Pub (Re-visit)


On a Thursday night back in December, I was at HOPS! A Northwest Pub for their cheap wings specials. Wings go for only 39 cents apiece on Thursdays, and the minimum order is a dozen, with various flavours available. In addition to a glass of Lemonade, I ordered a dozen of their Salt & Pepper Wings, which I thought were too dry and too salty. Though I’d been at HOPS! before, it was my first time trying their wings (I’d had a poutine burger during my other visit), and I would say I’m not a big fan of them.

On this particular evening, the pub was very busy, which was probably more to do with the fact that they were having the wings specials rather than the fact Thursday Night Football (Rams vs. Cardinals) was on. Well, one other thing to consider too is that HOPS! is conveniently located underneath New Westminster SkyTrain station. So, it’s a definitely popular destination for those wanting to meet up with friends for beers and also some chicken wings/burgers, etc.

When: Thursday, December 11, 2014
What: Salt & Pepper Wings; Lemonade
Where: HOPS! A Northwest Pub, 48 8th Street, New Westminster, BC, V3M 3N8
How Much: 39 cents each (C$4.68 for a dozen); C$3.25 for the Lemonade. (Normally, the wings cost C$9.99, and an extra C$1.99 if you added veggies and a dip. All of the available flavours are hot, dry Cajun, teriyaki, BBQ, honey garlic, jerk, spicy Thai, sriracha honey lime, and salt & pepper.)


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