Smoked Chicken Leg (T & T Supermarket)

In one of my earlier posts, I misspoke about there not being any food places near the Richmond Olympic Oval (or at least implied that). Well, there is a Chinese establishment called Copa Cafe across the street from the Olympic venue – a Hong Kong-style cafe, actually – but I’m pretty sure it’s not a place I would enjoy. And I didn’t bother to go there.

So, one time back in late November when I had planned to return to the Richmond Oval to cover a Vancouver NW Giants-Greater Vancouver Canadians game in BC Major Midget League action, I ate prior to heading out that way.

I got some cheap food from T & T Supermarket, getting some Smoked Chicken Legs for under four bucks. No hassle, no potential of snotty service, and no need to fork out any tips to waiters/servers who don’t deserve any. The trade-off? Obviously, the food quality isn’t going to be that great. At least that’s the expectation.


Heat up the chicken, mix in with some rice, and then eat! Nope, I didn’t like the chicken that much, but at least it was cheap food and it ensured I wouldn’t be starving when I got out to Richmond later for the hockey game. And certainly no food-related nonsense in that area afterward.


When: Saturday, November 22, 2014
What: Smoked Chicken Legs
Where: T & T Supermarket
How Much: C$3.72

* * * * *

At the Richmond Oval hours later, the Giants beat the Canadians 3-2, and the winning coach was gracious enough to let me interview him as well as a couple of players.

* * * * *

Oh, when I was at T & T, I ran into A.Y., who bought some mini sausage buns and then stuffed them in my bag when I insisted I didn’t want them when she offered them to me. They turned out to be okay.



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