Auntie Anne’s (Newark Liberty Int’l Airport)

I had a layover at the Newark Liberty International Airport on my way back to Vancouver, and in the United terminal waiting area (Terminal A) there wasn’t much in terms of food choices. I decided to get a Pepperoni Pretzel and a Mango Lemonade Mixer at Auntie Anne’s.


I love pizza, so having pepperoni on a pretzel was definitely a nice little snack for me. As for the lemonade, the other available flavours were cherry, blue raspberry, and strawberry, and the sizes were regular and large. I went with a large for my mango lemonade, but it was actually too big and I couldn’t finish it – so a regular definitely would have been enough. Overall, a good snack before boarding the plane.


When: Tuesday, December 9, 2014
What: Pepperoni Pretzel; Mango Lemonade Mixer
Where: Auntie Anne’s, Newark Liberty International Airport (Terminal A)
How Much: US$3.69; US$4.29


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