Greyhound (Cincinnati)

When: Sunday, December 7, 2014

After the Bengals game, I initially wanted to eat at the Turkish place called Istanbul Café, which was within walking distance from Paul Brown Stadium because they were both downtown. Unfortunately, my phone needed to be charged, and I remembered I’d walked past a library on the way to Skyline Chili the day before, so I figured I would hit the library first to charge my phone. Since it was late afternoon on Sunday, it was a possibility the library wouldn’t even be open.

When I got there, I found that they were open, but only until 5:00, and it was already 4:50. I charged my phone for about 10 minutes, which wasn’t much at all, and I had a couple of choices given that I wanted to return to Dayton that night and the Greyhound bus left at 6:20:

*I could go to Istanbul Café and forget about the phone, because I could then find a cab easily in the downtown Cincinnati area and get a ride back to Dayton. That way I didn’t have to worry about my phone as I would just cab it all the way – no charged phone necessary in that scenario.

*Or, I could skip Istanbul Café and get to the Greyhound station, and then charge my phone there while waiting for the bus.

Obviously, it was cheaper to go with the second option, because I already had a Greyhound ticket (I paid US$19.00 total for both ways) and I was aware that a one-hour cab ride from Cincinnati to Dayton cost over $150. I could possibly still eat at Istanbul Café and see if they could charge my phone for me there, and timing wouldn’t be an issue because the Cincinnati Greyhound station was pretty close to the Turkish place. (As I found out later, the Cincinnati Greyhound station was much better than the one in Dayton, with food and free WiFi available as well as the fact it is conveniently located downtown.)

In the end, I decided it was better to forgo Istanbul Café and just get to the Greyhound. I’d already learned not to take the extra time for granted due to the incident on Saturday with the cab driver. So, at Greyhound, I charged my phone at the charging station and also got a Chicken Quarter with Wedges and Soda combo at the small cafeteria for US$6.99 plus tax.


It wasn’t KFC or Church’s, but fried chicken is fried chicken, and I had enough time to eat and also check out part of the Seahawks-Eagles game on the TV monitor in the waiting area. Again, this was a bus station, so your expectations can’t be too high. I got what I wanted, cheap food and a place to charge my phone, so I would say that my expectations were met.



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