Domino’s (Crescent Springs, Kentucky)


I thought I knew the basic geography of the U.S., but I guess not. I originally thought that Dayton was close to Cleveland, but actually it’s not as close as Cincinnati is. Cleveland is several hours away from Dayton, whereas Cincinnati was only an hour away.

Then, there’s also the fact that when I bought my Cincinnati Bengals ticket and wanted to find a cheap overnight motel to stay, I was puzzled when the Google search brought up a few places in Kentucky. I thought that it was an error before realizing that the state of Kentucky is close to downtown Cincinnati. I guess my knowledge of U.S. geography was mediocre, at best!

So, based on distance to Paul Brown Stadium and also motel rates, I found that the cheapest option for me was the Super 8 in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, for a one-night stay on Saturday. As I was not familiar with the area, I decided again to order food for delivery, opting not to go to the DQ a few blocks away (which seemed like the only food place within walking distance).

Now, I do not like Domino’s, but I thought that it was probably the best option for Saturday night. Now, since I was going to a Bengals game, I didn’t bring my luggage or laptop from Dayton, as you’re not allowed to bring any bags (unless they were clear and 12 x 6 x 12 in dimensions) to Paul Brown Stadium (or any NFL venue). So, I had to rely on my Smartphone to try and order pizza online – which I preferred to calling them on the phone.



Of course, Domino’s mobile site chose to not function on this night. (Yeah, “mobile-friendly,” huh?) I ended up calling them instead after all, and I had to wait on hold for 5 minutes and 19 seconds before the operator/order taker answered. *Fortunately*, that location did not carry any Fanta Orange, so I went with the healthier option of bottled water. (But seriously, that should be a strike against Domino’s because they didn’t carry an item that was listed on their menu.) For the actual food, I picked the Chicken Carbonara, which was penne pasta with Alfredo sauce mixed with grilled chicken breast, smoked bacon, fresh onions, and mushrooms. For a dollar extra, you could have a bread bowl as opposed to an actual bowl, so it was like eating the pasta in a pizza. That’s what I went with.

For the delivery charge, it was US$2.99, which is annoying because again, some smaller pizza places don’t even charge you for that, as I found out with a couple of places back in Dayton. Obviously, that delivery charge was not a tip for the driver at all, so I decided to give a five-dollar tip to the driver…which made what would have a fairly inexpensive dinner to over 20 bucks. Now, tipping the driver was necessary, obviously, but a big company like Domino’s should not be charging things like delivery fees. Ridiculous.

As for the Chicken Carbonara itself, I liked it. It was fresh pasta baked into pizza – who can resist pizza? – and I found the Alfredo sauce to be very creamy and delicious. The chicken, mushrooms, and other “toppings” were fantastic. As for the crust, it was so good that I ate it all too!



When: Saturday, December 6, 2014
What: Chicken Carbonara with a bread bowl
Where: Domino’s Pizza, Crescent Springs, Kentucky
Final Thoughts: Ridiculous on many levels, starting with the mobile site’s failures and the delivery charge. I also noticed that the price of the Chicken Carbonara at the Kentucky Domino’s was actually a dollar more expensive than the same item back in Dayton, because I’d picked up a Domino’s menu at the motel there too. The pasta itself was good, though.

* * * * *

Oh, by the way, here is the complimentary breakfast at the Super 8 the following morning (as well as the kitchen area):


And then soon enough it was time to check out, and head to Cincinnati for the Bengals-Steelers game at Paul Brown Stadium!


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