RedsFest / Duke Energy Convention Ctr Concessions (Cincinnati)

When: Saturday, December 6, 2014

At RedsFest at the Duke Energy Convention Center, a fan festival held by the Cincinnati Reds, there were lots of things to check out, autographs and photo opportunities with players available, and souvenirs and food too.


I refrained from food since I’d just eaten and I wanted to check out a Turkish place that I’d walked past on the way to Skyline Chili earlier, called Istanbul Café. However, since the fan fest was only for two days (and this was the second day), it was probably best to stick around as long as possible given that the price of admission was US$17.00! (It was a few dollars more expensive than the cheapest ticket for the Cincinnati Cyclones hockey game.)

Finally, I gave up and did go to check out some food stands. No, I didn’t want $7 pizza slices or $12 burgers. Honestly, for ballparks/arenas/stadiums, etc., I would rate concessions food $$$ or $$$$ under the price rating, given the fact the price of admission should be considered and the food prices are inflated….but obviously to rate them as $$$ would be silly. But I digress.

At Maui Wowi Hawaiian Smoothies, I ordered a Lemon Lime Hawaiian Shave Ice for US$4.00. Then at the Cincy Fresh! concessions, I got a Jumbo Hot Dog, which wasn’t so big at all (obviously, that’s very subjective), with a drink for US$7.75. If you added two bucks for a Jumbo Hot Dog “platter,” you would have gotten a bag of chips or a cookie, but I thought that it would be a waste. So no platter for me.





Perhaps it would have been better to check out Istanbul Café instead of a hot dog and shave ice, but oh well.


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