Christy’s Pizza (Vandalia, Ohio)


Baked Lasagna – A Christys classic recipe made with 5 different aged cheeses, Italian sausage and beef

During my one-week stay in Dayton, it rained for the whole day on Friday, so I ordered food for delivery instead of going out.

I decided to order from Christy’s Pizza, which was a few minutes away from the motel where I was staying. A minimum order of US$10.00 is required for delivery orders, and there is no delivery charge.

After going through their online menu for several minutes, I picked their Baked Lasagna and Tossed Salad, which combined was just over 10 bucks, qualifying me for the delivery order. I originally wanted one of their specialty pizzas, with both the buffalo chicken and bacon cheeseburger pizzas looking very appealing. But I stuck with the baked lasagna and tossed salad.


The food came after about 40 minutes, and it was time to eat!


As I was munching on the lasagna, I thought it was really good – so much so that I was even contemplating ordering one of those specialty pizzas on Monday. But then something changed all of a sudden as I was chewing on some of that lasagna. There was a piece of something that I couldn’t chew as it was hard. I fished it out of my mouth and then realized it was a tiny piece of tin foil – right in my lasagna. That’s not cool at all. I’d have to rethink the future pizza order now.


(PS: I did not order from Christy’s on Monday after all. I went out to explore the area a little and then ate out.)

When: Friday, December 5, 2014
What: Baked Lasagna; Tossed Salad
Where: Christy’s Pizza, 503 S. Dixie Drive, Vandalia, OH 45414
How Much: US$7.99; US$2.79 – and no delivery charge


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