Fazoli’s (Huber Heights, Ohio)

D.L. took me to a symphony orchestra concert in Springfield, Ohio, and afterward we stopped by Fazoli’s in Huber Heights on the way back to Vandalia.

Fazoli’s is a fast food place but is considered an Italian establishment. Italian fast food, that is. At the Huber Heights location we went to, they close at 10:00 and we got there at 9:45. To my surprise, they still took our order in a restaurant that was now empty except for D.L. and me (as well as the staff).


I ordered the Italian Supreme Cheddar Alfredo Bake, which was available only for a limited time. It came with meatballs, sausage, and tomatoes. I believe D.L. had one of the Chicken Alfredo Bakes, though I can’t remember exactly now.


After we ordered and paid (D.L. paid for the both of us), we were asked to take a seat and they would bring the food over to us once it was done. They also brought us some bread sticks, which, according to D.L., were unlimited at Fazoli’s. Wow – I was definitely impressed. Naturally, because of the time we got in, it was past 10 during the middle of our food and they still asked if we wanted more bread sticks (otherwise they were going to turn the oven off). The staff were friendly and not in a rush to close up shop. I was definitely impressed with both the food and the service!

And oh, by the way, I’d heard before that a small pop in the U.S. is the equivalent of a regular in Canada. I’d never actually seen it before, until my “small” soda at Fazoli’s was what we would consider a medium in Canada. Yikes!


When: Thursday, December 4, 2014
What: Italian Supreme Cheddar Alfredo Bake
Where: Fazoli’s, 8341 Old Troy Pike, Huber Heights, OH 45424




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