Imperial Palace Chinese Restaurant (Vandalia, Ohio)

IMG_2052[1]Thursday was a day of rain in Dayton, Ohio, so I figured it was a good day to order food for delivery. I was looking forward for the rain to stop by mid-afternoon, though, so that I could head out to the well-known Air Force Museum for a tour.

(The closest food places would be about 25-30 minutes away on foot – and I did take a walk out there the following week. I also noticed that there is no sidewalk along the highway for a whole block, meaning you had to walk on the muddy area in front of a car dealership there for quite a whole chunk of real estate. When I did walk along that highway on a non-rainy day, I got lots of mud on the bottom of my shoe even though the ground was not wet.)

The motel I was staying at had menus from two different places: Domino’s and a Chinese restaurant called Imperial Palace. I’m not a fan of Domino’s for several reasons, and I went online instead to see what other places did delivery. After not finding much online, I decided to go with Imperial Palace after all.

One thing I found impressive about Imperial Palace was their website, which allowed customers to order online. The problem, however, is that a minimum order of US$20.00 is required for any deliveries, and there is a US$2.00 delivery charge as well for all orders within five miles of their restaurant (which applied to the motel where I was staying). (There were two smaller pizza places in the area that did NOT charge any delivery fees, but unfortunately, Imperial Palace and Domino’s both did.)

Imperial Palace1

Imperial Palace2

Imperial Palace3

Since I had to order at least US$20, I figured I would order food that would last two days, in case it rained the following day as well. Their lunch special, which ran from 11:00 to 3:00 daily (except Sundays, when they’re closed), contained 40 items with each one at only US$5.95. I went with one of those items, the Orange Chicken, and it came with rice (either white rice or fried rice) and a choice of either wonton, egg drop, hot & sour soup, soda, or egg roll. For my sides, I chose white rice and a Mountain Dew.

I also ordered six Fried Chicken Wings, six Spicy Chicken Wings, a large Hot & Sour Soup, and a Vegetable Spring Roll. All of them added together came to US$21.05, which qualified for the delivery service. It was actually quite convenient to enter all of the information online and then submit, and then just wait for the food to arrive.

Since I’m not up to speed on the tipping expectations in the U.S. for delivery drivers, I went online to read through several forums discussing this very subject. I finally concluded that these drivers don’t get paid much in the States, so I decided to give the driver a US$9 tip. It was a bit expensive, yes, but again, hopefully the food would last two days!

One thing I noticed about the chicken wings was that they were huge! A lot bigger than what I expected, so I can say that it was good value for the money.



The orange chicken, meanwhile, was pretty ordinary, so nothing to write home about there. As for the rest, well, it’s your standard Chinese food, and definitely a good change of pace after having several days of pizza-like meals.





Date: Thursday, December 4, 2014
Imperial Palace Chinese Restaurant, 790 Northwoods Blvd., Vandalia, OH 45377
Final Thoughts: Since I did not physically go to the restaurant, I do not know if it is operated by a Chinese family or not. (The delivery driver was a Caucasian female.) I guess who owns or operates the restaurant is important because people usually equate that to the quality of the food or if their dishes are “authentic.” For me, I am not fussy about that – and besides, I am not from China to begin with – so I just recognize the dishes from Imperial Palace as “typical/standard Chinese food.” That’s all.



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