Airport Inn and Parking (Vandalia, Ohio)

When: Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Where: Airport Inn and Parking, 75 Corporate Center Drive, Vandalia, OH 45377

Complimentary breakfast at the Airport Inn and Parking, where I was staying in Dayton:



The time difference actually did throw me off, because I went to sleep just past 2:00 a.m. Eastern (11:00 p.m. on the West Coast) and didn’t get up till well after 10:30 a.m. (or 7:30 a.m. on the west). I barely slept on the plane and also stayed overnight at the Vancouver airport for my early flight, so I guess the long sleep in Dayton (relatively speaking) made up for it. Fortunately, I was still able to grab a couple of things to eat in the breakfast/kitchen area – even though complimentary breakfast is supposed to end at 9:00.

Airport Inn and Parking – which is actually part of Vandalia, Ohio (a suburb of Dayton) – is conveniently located near the Dayton International Airport, and offers a free shuttle to the airport as well. And oh, this motel also charges only four bucks for parking.



As for dining options, there are several restaurants nearby, including Stubbies Sports Bar and Grill and The Original Rib House. I went to nearby WalMart on my first night in Dayton, which is open 24 hours a day and just a 15-minute ride from the motel.

One other thing: the Dayton International Airport is better, in my opinion, than the Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Not that I was at the Dayton Airport that long, but they at least provide free WiFi without making you click on too many things.


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